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Membership: PaidPlans

Choose your pricing plan

  • SOA Gunner

    Basic membership (required for member access & higher tiers)
    • Lifetime membership
    • Access to Gallagher Steadicam group insurance rate
    • Personal Steadicam Operator member profile (visible to all)
    • Being part of a really cool group
    • Unlock access to member list and growing features list!
    • Unlock access to other SOA memberships
    • *Already purchased from the old site? Contact us directly.
  • SOA Commander

    Every month
    Mid-Tier membership (Gunner Membership required)
    • All of SOA Gunner Plan included, plus:
    • Preferred listing on the operator database (coming soon!)
    • Access advanced support, including gear / business consults
    • Priority list for upcoming events
    • Discounts on workshops*, courses, events, +ongoing education
    • Discounts on SOA SWAG
    • First level invites to operator meet-ups
    • Unlock access to select member features -blogs, groups, chat
    • *Discount cannot be applied to first-time week-long workshop
  • SOA Captain

    Every month
    Top-tier membership (Gunner Membership required)
    • All of SOA First Mate membership included, plus:
    • Priority listing on the operator database (coming soon!)
    • Access to equipment rental fleet at deep discount
    • Added discounts on all SOA SWAG sitewide
    • Exclusive access to personalized / custom SOA SWAG
    • Exclusive access to meet-ups and video conference meetings
    • Free classes toward ongoing education
    • Tech support on gear (subject to scheduling / availability)
    • Unlimited consults with staff (dependent on availability)
    • Unlock access to exclusive member features
  • SOA Admiral

    Invite only subscription

    Although it's certainly welcomed, a paid subscription or membership is not required to sign up for a personal profile.

    Click on the "Login" link in the upper right corner to sign up for free!


    Existing member, but new to the updated site? Head over to the FAQ page for info on signing in.

    SOA Gunner, First Mate, and Captain levels unlock more features and exclusive offers.

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