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The following section is general information for all workshops:

The Steadicam Operators Association conducts the world’s best Steadicam workshops in a small village about an hour west of Philadelphia. The workshop gives each participant ample practical and theoretical experience to begin working professionally, plus the mental tools needed to meet future challenges, as well as exercises and shots to practice after completing the course. There is at least one Steadicam and one experienced instructor/operator for each group of four participants. The minimum number of participants is eight, the maximum is Twenty for this workshop. All levels of Steadicam operating are accommodated.

Cost for the workshop is $4750.00 (US), which includes instruction, equipment, meals, and lodging.

*All students must comply with current Covid guidelines. Head over to our Covid Guidelines & Compliance page for info. 

Lodging is included in the total price and there is nothing you need to do to book your stay. We have an amazing corporate contract for a group rate at all Hilton Hotels for the duration of our workshops. When not hosted by a Hilton brand, we have negotiated group lodging rates with our venue host. Upon completion of your workshop balance payment, you will be given a unique confirmation number for your room, which is already paid and booked.

If you have any changes to make to the arrival or check-out dates, please contact us directly, otherwise there is nothing else you need to do to book a room.


If you need help with travel arrangements, including flights, rental cars, excursions, or extended stays, please utilize our Travel Agent services at Terra Mar Travel

by contacting Mary Ann Mari at These services are also made available through your workshop registration. Some additional fees may apply. 


Just some of the Topics covered during the Steadicam workshop:

  • Physical principles - vest, arm and sled

  • Balancing the Steadicam - both static and dynamic

  • Inertial control and augmentation

  • High Mode

  • Low Mode

  • Long Mode (ultra high and ultra low modes)

  • Shooting from vehicles - hard and soft mounts

  • Crane (depending on weather)

  • Safety

  • Right and Left side operating

  • Aids to navigation

  • Stairs

  • Low Mode

  • Focus Control

  • Video Transmission and Reception

  • Video Assist

  • Video Recording

  • New equipment and prototypes

At the end of the course, a very difficult shot is designed as a final test. Each operator is filmed as they do the shot. Both the shot and the video of the operator are reviewed.

Workshop participants should be in good health and free of back or other physical problems.

Using a Steadicam properly does not hurt your back - it gently makes it stronger and it also improves posture.


There are several successful operators who weigh less than 110 lbs, and operators who weight more than double that.

Good shoes should be worn every day that allow for athletic movement and tactile feedback of the ground and terrain.

Clothing should be layered, as we work both outside and inside and the weather can be quite warm or cold.

Workshop participants with special dietary needs or other special requests should notify us in advance.

Participants who wish to bring their own Steadicam equipment should also notify us in advance.


Participants are encouraged to bring both still and video cameras.