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SOA Spring Workshop 2018
May 06 - 11 2018

The Steadicam Operators Association conducts the world’s best Steadicam workshops twice a year in a small village about an hour west of Philadelphia. The workshop gives each participant ample practical and theoretical experience to begin working professionally, plus the mental tools needed to meet future challenges, as well as exercises and shots to practice after completing the course. There is at least one Steadicam and one experienced instructor/operator for each group of four participants. The minimum number of participants is eight, the maximum is sixteen. All levels of Steadicam operating are accommodated.

Cost for the workshop is $3600.00 (US), which includes great instruction, equipment and meals. Workshop participants are responsible for travel and hotel arrangements. Hotel arrangements should be made at the Comfort Suites -Exton, Pennsylvania at 610-594-4770. Ask for Megan Perine or Victoria Sapper and request the Steadicam Operators Associations special rate when reserving rooms.

Shuttle service is available from the Philadelphia airport via Rainbow Limo (610) 696-6060. For participants flying in to airports other than Philadelphia please call Jay at 215-919-4636 for assistance.

Travel to Workshop

Workshop participants should meet at the Comfort Suites on Sunday (time to be determined). The SOA will notify participants if this changes. The workshop runs from Sunday midday until Friday late afternoon.

The Workshop begins promptly at 9 a.m. each morning (after breakfast), and usually finishes by 7 p.m. Three meals are served daily on site.

The training consists primarily of specially designed exercises and shots, interspersed with short lectures, demonstrations, stories, and videos of great Steadicam work. As much time as possible is spent working with the Steadicam.

Instruction includes:


Accessories for:


At the end of the course, a very difficult shot is designed as a final test. Each operator is filmed as they do the shot. Both the shot and the video of the operator are reviewed.

Workshop participants should be in good health and free of back or other physical problems. Using a Steadicam properly does not hurt your back - it gently makes it stronger and it also improves posture. There are several successful female operators who weigh less than 130 lbs., and few male operators who weigh twice that.

Good shoes, such as Cross-Training athletic shoes, should be worn every day. Clothing should be layered, as we work both outside and inside and the weather can be quite warm or cold.

Workshop participants with special dietary needs or other special requests should notify us in advance.

Participants who wish to bring their own Steadicam equipment should also notify us in advance. Participants are encouraged to bring both still and video cameras.

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