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My name is Michael and I am a steadicam operator located in Israel.

In May 2019, I have successfully completed the Gold Workshop Advanced Steadicam Course organized jointly by Steadicamaction (Tenerife, Canary Islands) and Tiffen. The lead instructor was the incomparable Cris Foxsett, and the Workshop was closely supervised by the greatest inventor of Steadicam - Garrett Brown.

Throughout 2020, despite Covid-19, which has almost paralyzed the entire world, I have managed to earn money for my first rig. Since then I have been working hard to constantly improve my level as a steadicam operator in the field of filmmaking in Israel.

Over the past three months I flew on 5 feature productions and 1 commercial and received positive feedbacks from DOPs and directors.

I will be glad to join your community, take part in the life of your forum, and someday I hope to be of use to you as well.

Be healthy and fly safely!


Michael Iziourov

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