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The Tiffen Company

Manufacturer of the Original Steadicam



tel: 818-843-4600

fax: 818-845-1929


Munich, Germany

Manufactured by ARRI


tel: +49 89 3809 2053 (Germany HQ)

tel: Arri East Coast Sales+1 845 353 1400

tel: Arri West Coast Sales — +1 818 841 7070

Munich, Germany

Steadicams & Accessories, The Wave 1, wireless products, and rentals.


tel: +49 89 65 113 220


Camera Essentials

Los Angeles, CA

Camera Essentials manufactures rain/dust covers for all Steadicam models, TB-6 moniter, Preston FI+Z and Seitz follow focus, and arm protection covers for both CP and PRO arms.


tel: (323) 666-8936

fax: (323) 666-0214

Posted by: SOA Support - 04/29/2004


Glidecam Industries, Inc.

Plymouth, MA

Glidecam Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of a variety of camera stabilization systems for use with motion picture cameras, video cameras, and video camcorders.


tel: 1-800-600-2011

fax: 1-508-830-1415


North Hollywood, CA

As a modular system the PRO is designed to incorporate state of the art developments in camera stabilization technologies and supporting accessories.


tel: (818) 982-3991

fax: (818) 982-8976

Heden Engineering Company


Heden Engineering Company manufactures Bjorn Heden, Heden Motors and controllers. Dealers worldwide.

tel: +46 3127 83 58

fax: +46 3127 81 91

Jerry Hill Steadicam Products

Reseda, CA

Jerry Hill Steadicam Products is the manufacturer of various Steadicam accessories, brackets, and other cool stuff including the GoreLock, Auto Dock and PAM, Preston Adjustable Motor Mount.



tel: (818) 772-9256

fax: (818) 772-9251

Lemo USA, Inc.

Santa Rosa, CA

Lemo USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Lemo SA, is a manufacturer of electrical plugs and connectors.

tel: (800) 444-LEMO

fax: (707) 578-0869

Posted by: SOA Support - 04/29/2004

Lentequip Inc.

Toronto, Canada

Manufacture steadicam products/accessories, as well as handling service & repair of all manner of things.


tel: (416) 406-2442

fax: (406) 406 -2443

Missing Something? Technologies

Missing Something? Technologies is the manufacturer of Antlers, a variable inertial augmentation system for the Steadicam.


tel: (603) 826-3445

MK-V Modular Systems Ltd

Manchester, UK

C/o Web film studios


tel: +44(0) 1204 574900

PAG Limited

London, UK

PAG Limited produces high quality battery related products for television, professional video makers including Micromaster battery chargers. PAG Limited has many dealers worldwide.


tel: +44 20 8543 3131

fax: +44 20 8540 4116

Preston Cinema Systems

Santa Monica, CA

Preston Cinema Systems has been providing innovative camera and lens control systems for over 20 years.


tel: (310) 453-1852

fax: (310) 453-5672


Transvideo manufactures professional LCD monitors as well as wireless video systems, and a frameline generator.

tel: +33 (0)2 3222 3000

Xtended Camera Support, Inc.

Thousand Oaks, CA

Xtended Camera Support, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Ultimate 2HD Steadicam.


tel: 805-394-5858