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 Name (Last, First): Acheson Jr, Steve
 SOA member since: 11/22/2010
 Profile last updated: 08/22/2016 9:45 PM
 Home State/Country:  Louisiana
 Home City/Province: New Orleans
 Will work as local in: Louisiana & Louisiana
 Phone #:
 Mobile #: 323-524-8772
 Fax #:
 Unions: Local 600
 Languages: English
Demo Reel Video:
Experience (years): 8
Own a Steadicam: Yes
Rate (10hr day): call with gear
call without gear
My Equipment:
Modified Master Series Elite Steadicam Vest, Arm, and HD Sled 12/24 volt system

***Accessories/Remote Focus/Video***
-Brackets and cables for most film and video cameras
-Antlers TM stabilizing system
-Modulus 3000 wireless video transmitter
-Wireless Video Receiver
-Wireless director's monitor
-Archos 604 and 420 on-board recorders (for video playback)
-Redbyte Decimator (on-board HD-SDI down-convertor)
-2 Bartech wireless follow focus systems with all start stop cables
-1 Digital Bartech
-2 Heden Motors
-2 FMG-6 motors
-Weight Plates for DLSR and other lightweight cameras
-IDX battery system

***Vehicles, Mounts, Safety, and Rigging***
-Convertible Steadicam rickshaw
-Trailer hitch "Step-off" platform
-Hard mount for vehicles, speedrail, rickshaw, and dolly

***DJI Ronin***
-with all extension arms
-Cinemilled Pro dovetail
-quickswitch plates
-Vibration Isolators and tons of hard mounting options.

***Dana Dolly***
-6ft pipe
-2 Stands
Special Skills:
• Temple (Feature) New Orleans, LA
Starring: Wesley Snipes and Anne Heche
• Steadicam Operator

• D.P. Matthew Irving

• Gifted (Feature) Baton Rouge, LA
• Steadicam Operator

• D.P. Brian Rigney Hubbard

• Camera Obscure (Feature) Baton Rouge, LA
•Steadicam Operator

• D.P. Chris Heinrich

• Brothers Blood (Feature) New Orleans, LA
Starring Trey Songz
• Steadicam Operator

• D.P. Matthew Irving

• Camera Store (Feature) New Orleans, LA
Starring: John Larroquette & John Ryhs Davies
• “A” Camera / Steadicam Operator

• D.P. Yaron Levy

• Holding Patterns – (Feature) Mobile, AL
– Starring: Freddie Highmore
• Steadicam Operator

• D.P. Jeremy Mackie

• Showing Roots – (Feature) Baton Rouge, LA
– Starring: Uzo Aduba & Maggie Grace
• “B” Camera Operator

• D.P. Yaron Levy

• Joe Dirt 2 – (Feature) New Orleans, LA
- Starring: David Spade
• Steadicam Operator

• D.P. Tim Burton

• The Runner – (Feature) - New Orleans, LA
– Starring: Nicholas Cage
• “B” Camera / Steadicam

• D.P. Elliot Davis

• Sticky Notes – (Feature) New Orleans, LA
– Starring: Ray Liotta
• “B” Camera / Steadicam

• D.P. Alex Disenhof

• Status Unknown – (MOW) Baton Rouge, LA

• “B” Camera / Steadicam

• D.P. Andy Strahorn

• Aztec Warrior - (Feature) New Orleans, LA
– Starring: Luis Guzman
• “B” Camera Operator / Steadicam

• D.P. Dave McFarland Director: Scott Sanders

• Revenge of the Bridesmaids - (MOW) New Orleans, LA
-Starring: Raven Symone
• “B” Camera / Steadicam Operator

• D.P. Neil Roach

• Scream Season 2 (Scripted Episodic for MTV) – New Orleans, LA
• 2nd Unit “A” Camera / Steadicam Op

• D.P. Yaron Levy and D.P: Andy Steinman 

• Underground (Scripted Episodic for WGN) – Baton Rouge, LA
• 2nd Unit “B” Camera / Steadicam Op

• D.P: Evans Brown

• Scream (Scripted Episodic for MTV) – Baton Rouge, LA

• 2nd Unit “A” Camera / Steadicam Op

• D.P. Yaron Levy and D.P: Andy Steinman

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